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Representing Your Interests in Employment and Business Litigation

At Robert A. Klingler Co., LPA, all of our attorneys are exclusively dedicated to civil litigation. We represent individuals and businesses in a variety of employment law matters and business disputes. Our firm accepts only a limited number of select cases. Our clients' goals and welfare remain our priority at all times.

At Robert A. Klingler Co., L.P.A., every case and every issue receives the personal attention of a lawyer. We apply a thorough, sophisticated legal analysis to every problem, and we search for common-sense, practical solutions. We have the experience, the judgment, and the talent to help you find solutions to your business or work-related issues in various areas of the law.

Representation in Employment Law Disputes

Our law firm provides representation in all types of employment litigation, including sexual harassment, whistleblower cases, disputes relating to wrongful discharge, and discrimination against sex, age, race and disability.  We represent a wide variety of employees, focusing primarily on executive and professional personnel.  Our services range from providing advice about various work-related situations, to helping negotiate severance packages, to filing and trying lawsuits against managers who have violated the rights of employees.  Our representative cases include victories for victims of pregnancy and disability discrimination, FMLA violations, breach of contract, and others.

Our team of lawyers handles most other employment law issues, including review and negotiation of severance packages, contracts, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, and other worker rights matters.  Often clients need an explanation of their options so that they can make an informed decision about what steps to take to deal with their work situation.  We provide the advice and insight that only an experienced legal team can provide about whether a client has a legal claim that can be pursued, or has leverage that empowers the client to negotiate a better arrangement with the employer.  We are advisors, not just litigators, and we see it as our duty to fully inform each client of his or her legal rights and the practicalities of each option that is available.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality for countless workers across the United States. From inappropriate and unwanted advances to pregnancy and gender discrimination, your work environment can become a nightmare. At Robert A. Klingler Co., LPA, we represent people who have been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Age Discrimination

    Employees over forty years of age often find themselves facing new challenges. Age discrimination affects the security and working conditions of countless workers as they get older. At Robert A. Klingler Co., LPA, we represent people who have been victimized by age discrimination in the workplace. As the number of older workers has grown, companies have felt increasing pressure to remove employees based solely on age.

  • Wrongful Termination

    While most jobs in the United States are considered "at-will" employment—meaning the supervisor can terminate the employee at any time for any reason, or "at-will"—it is still a violation of the law to terminate an employee because of age, gender, race, nation of origin, religious affiliation, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, and some other reasons that have been declared protected by the United States Congress or by various State legislatures.

  • Disability Discrimination

    Disability rights protected by disability employment statutes protect disabled workers from discrimination. This protection includes a wide variety of situations involving wrongful termination, failure to hire or promote, and other mistreatment of employees based on disability status. At Robert A. Klingler Co., LPA, we help people who have been the victims of disability discrimination.

  • Sexual Discrimination

    Employees are protected by federal law from forms of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place. At the law office of Robert Klingler, we investigate companies charged with gender discrimination in the workplace by consulting private investigators, forensic computer professionals, and handwriting experts in exposing discriminatory behavior directed against our client.

  • Race Discrimination

    Race discrimination in the workplace is often subtle and rarely overt given the prohibitions of the Civil Rights Act of 1963 and the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As a result, race discrimination lawsuits demand thorough investigation into an employer’s hiring decisions, management practices, and problems in to the past regarding race discrimination allegations.

Business Litigation

Our firm has many years of experience with business litigation, including shareholder, close corporation, and partnership disputes. We apply thorough and creative legal analysis and mature judgment to each case in an effort to achieve client goals cost effectively. Our size and efficiency result in fees that are usually substantially less than large-firm fees, with no compromise in the quality of results.

We have assisted clients in litigation involving claims against former lawyers, against trustees of trusts, current and former business partners, banks and other lenders, stock brokers, financial advisors, and others. These disputes are often resolved short of actual litigation, through mediation or other negotiations.  But if litigation is necessary, we are prepared to litigate the case aggressively and efficiently to obtain the best achievable result for our clients.

Business and work disputes are usually complicated, and it is vital to have a business lawyer who understands the law and how to properly advise you and, if necessary, represent you in court.

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